PNGC, that’s me. Patricia N(middle name) Garza C(mom’s last name). I’m a 25 year old cancer, Mexican American girl, born and raised in sunny California. I have an immense love for pictures, music, writing, and being online. What better way to share it all than to make a blog. I always liked taking pictures, I mean, c’mon… I’m a millennial, my phone is ALWAYS in my hands! lol But my love for photography grew fonder in the beginning of 2017. Sunsets, city views, and different perspectives are my favorite, I’m sure you’ll notice through out my blog.


I like photography, plain and simple.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, I am in no ways a professional. I simply enjoy this little hobby of mine. I hope to take photography to the next level, to learn more, to share more and to be able to seize every single beautiful moment I can come across.

Feel free to email me @ for any comments, ideas, suggestions that you may have for my blog or if you simply want a new friend 🙂

Thank you for reading. Happy Blogging! (woah, never thought I would ever say that lol)





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