July officially kicked my butt. I had such high hopes for this month but as of right now, I am completely over it.

At the beginning of the year I was beyond excited for what awaited. I was eager to make new memories, to love myself a little more and to be as positive as I could be every day.  July was an exception. I can honestly say that I didn’t keep any of the promises and goals I had set for myself and I am a little disappointed.

I dealt with heart ache, anxiety, fear, stress, self hate, and just about anything that could possibly go wrong…went wrong. By far one of the worst birthday months yet.

But now, we’re about to be in August. The plan will be back in motion and will be achieved to the best of my abilities. I will keep creating amazing memories, I will focus on my self and I will keep looking forward to what each day has to teach me.

July was simply a hiccup, a hard learned lesson. I am 26 now, I will gather this month’s and the last 25 year’s experiences and use them to mold my attitude, my intuition and future situations.

This month will not define 2018.

This month will not define me.

This month will not define anything.



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