Dear closeted gay,

I know you might be scared, confused and nervous to share with the world who you really are. It’s tough, I know it is. But no matter what anyone thinks, you are perfect. Everything about you is right and how it should be. It is never okay for someone to make you feel like loving another person is wrong. It is never okay to allow someone to make you feel less of a human being for being you. You are perfect. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, cis, pan, etc. everything is perfect. The words of those that disagree are close minded, cold hearted, and live a life where acceptance is limited. There’s a problem with them, not with you.. In my life, you are what you’re born to be.

Coming out has got to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I expected the worst, I was ready for my whole world to be different and dark…but I was wrong. It was a wave of emotions. It was acceptance and reassurance from people I expected the worst reaction from. It was hugs and rainbow gifts from family and friends. It was like the weight on my shoulders that I’ve been carrying since high school was lifted and I wish that on you. I wish for you to feel light and happy. I wish for you to hold your partners hand with pride. I wish for you to be proud of your sexuality and more. You are perfect.

Come out when you feel ready. Come out when your heart is in the right place and when you do, don’t hesitate to celebrate the fact that you are human at the end of the day. The outcome of this gay ass journey should be honored and not judged.

I promise you that everything will be okay. If not now, then soon.

Love, Me.


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