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For starters, there is no possible way to tell you every single place in California that I love but these are probably my ultimate favorites.

Sunny California, what can I say? I love it. I was born and raised in The Bay Area in the Northern part of Cali…San Jose to be exact. Growing up, places of interest were Great America (theme park in Santa Clara, CA) and The Flea Market. I spent most of my weekends here. Great America is nothing but roller coasters and great shows, I even ended up working there for about 6 years! The Flea Market, or as us Mexican’s call it… “La Pulga”, was simply a place to shop, eat and listen to traditional Mariachi Music.

Growing up in San Jose was great, I love it here, its filled with beautiful art such as the ones on top but what most people know California the most for is San Francisco or LA/Hollywood. I don’t blame them…its truly one of a kind. IMG_0024

San Francisco, California…home of the Golden Gate bridge. (I took this picture by the way, isn’t it beautiful? I’m so proud of it!) The bridge is probably one of out most known landmarks. The views are pretty damn beautiful and driving on it is pretty cool too. IMG_9656

SF has a lot more to offer though, not just the good ol’ red bridge. Also, a gay favorite, CASTRO STREET. It’s a colorful street filled with restaurants, shops, bars and more. If you want to feel accepted and chill.. this is the place for you.. ESPECIALLY if you’re gay. lol (hence the rainbow below).

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 10.55.33 PMIMG_1241

Now…Southern California. Another one of my favorite places to visit. I may be 25 years old but Disneyland and California Adventures are everything to me! You will find these beautiful theme parks in Anaheim. Both places hold a very special place in my heart. I feel at home when I’m there and know them both so well. I cant even tell you how many times I’ve been to both parks. I’m THAT obsessed.



You’ll find everything in LA. From theme parks and beaches to museums and food. I’ll add some pictures below to show you!


I could go on and on about California, since I live here, but no matter how much I talk about it or how many pictures I show you…the feeling of being here and in the moment is always so much better. We are a state with so much diversity, passion, cultured, and backgrounds with a lot of beautiful things to see. This post holds only a tiny piece of everything that it has to offer. It may be expensive and it may be hot and earthquake prone lol… but its beautiful. Its HOME.



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