Flying thousands of feet in the air, beautiful views, indulging in amazing foods, meeting new people and places are just some of the things that I absolutely love about traveling. The diversity, the landmarks, the “slang” of the city…everything is so absolutely breathtaking. I love knowing that every single place I travel to is someones home. The streets I wander around are someone’s way to work, the new bars I check out are someone’s local bar, the amazing place with the delicious food is someone’s special anniversary restaurant. So much history is behind every single place I’ve gone to.

So far, Ive been to up and down California because I obviously live here. lol. Ive been to Nevada, Washington, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. Every single place, has made me fall in love with it in one way or another. Every state has their own little “feel” to it and I love that! I’m all about detail. 🙂

On my bucket list, there is only ONE specific place I want to accomplish going to and thats Santorini, Greece. Since I was in High school, I was always mesmerized with the exquisite views and scenery. I cant wait to go, but until then I will try to travel through out the United States and share it with you!

I’ll be telling you guys more in depth about each place in different posts, this is 1 out of the few and what better place to start than with California, the place I call home. 

Post will be coming soon!!


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